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Diabetes and Hearing Loss

While a specific cause between diabetes and hearing loss is still unclear, there is enough evidence to encourage all diabetic patients to have their hearing tested and monitored regularly.

Statistics show that more than 30 million people in the US have diabetes, making it one of the top ten most prevalent health conditions today.  Hearing loss, another common health condition, is estimated to affect 35-45 million people in the US. These two disorders represent a large percentage of our population and research has shown that there is considerable connection between them. 
Studies show that hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes. Those who have prediabetes, estimated to be as many as 84 million people, are 30 percent more likely to develop hearing loss, compared to people who have normal blood glucose readings.
Some studies suggest that damage to blood vessels due to high blood glucose levels is one possibility for the higher incidence. High blood glucose levels are known …